St Monica’s High School


Dr Cynthia Asamoah Gyimah


Current position of the school

St Monica’s High School is headed by Dr Cynthia Asamoah Gyimah who was appointed in October 2023. She took over from the previous head, Miss Esther Ntodwah who had been in post since April 2018.

The vision of the school is, “To establish an institution whose influence would have a share in shaping the future of the country through the provision of Christian education to girls; to grow them into good Christian girls, women, mothers and wives; to develop all their talents and to use all opportunities that come their way”

The mission of the school is, “To make St. Monica’s High School a centre for moral and academic excellence with discipline as the hallmark”

The school currently run with 95 teachers, with 40 being resident and the remaining being non- resident.

Out of the 95 teachers, 30 are female and 65 are male.

The school has a total population of 2,114 of which 669 are 1 st year students, 724 are 2 nd year students, 721 are 3 rd years.

A high percentage of students who graduate from the school progress to university and go on to occupy high positions in top industries and sectors in the country. An example of such remarkable St Monica’s product is the Chief of staff of the current government – Madam Frema Opare.

The school has great success in inter-colleges competitions which its students participate in annually. A recent competition the student/school excelled in was the ‘Website Creation’ organised for all girls schools in the country. Though a fierce competition, the school placed second amongst the large number of girls’ schools that participated.

Some of the challenges currently facing the school is, limited number of dormitories, staff accommodation, refurbishments, under-resourced computer suite, furniture and furnishing for new administrative block and most importantly a well maintained sanitation facility and water supply for both the school block and dormitories.

It is exciting to say that both teaching and non-teaching staff work selflessly to ensure that the vision and mission of the school is attained.