Schools often find themselves in need of funds for facilities, equipment, and staff in order to function; so do the schools considered within this union. Using diverse fundraising strategies we aim to generate adequate funds to support the smooth running of all aspects of the schools’ service delivery.

Using this vehicle the union invite old students, family members of beneficiaries, companies, institutions, organisations, philanthropist and all interested individuals to support our cause by making material and or monetary contributions, to aid refurbishments and ongoing administrative services. All contributors will be publicly acknowledged unless otherwise instructed.

No amount will be too small because we believe every little help…

Thank you for making this possible for our school

The latest contribution to the refurbishment of Cape Coast St Monica’s Primary School and Junior High School

Before and after evidence of completed roofing works to Cape Coast St Monica’s School

Project Name: Francis Claire OHP Project – Ghana

I write on behalf of the Union of Old St Monicans – UK and Cape Coast St Monica’s School to present the before and after photographic evidence of completed roofing works to the school.   We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the two key contributors (donors) including their friends and family who made the roofing of the school including its auxiliary blocks possible. We are exceedingly delighted and cannot find the right words to say thank you. You have been amazing and we greatly appreciate all the effort you made to make this possible.  We trust that with a secure roof in place for the whole school, and the children and teachers operating under good shelter we will be able to work towards addressing remaining issues to bring the entire school building to a spectacular state. Once again we say thank you very much for your commitment and continued support.

Yours sincerely

Freda Lutterodt – Fundraising Co-ordinator/Public Relations/Media Officer

Before and After photos

Junior school Block

Stripping down the old school block roof

Stripping down the old junior school roof

Ready to re-roof the school block

Re-roofing completed – Looking amazing

Auxiliary block done and shimmering – Excellent

Main school Block re-roofed – Wonderful (No more wet classrooms in the rainy season)

Roofing fully completed – Thank you for your generous giving – our kids are free to learn under secure roof