Union of Old St Monicans

Union of Old St. Monicans (UK) is a union made up of past students of the seven institutions founded in Ghana by the Anglican Nuns of the Order of the Holy Paraclete (OHP). The living Nuns are currently based in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The “Union” was formed in 1989, when a group of past students from the seven schools living in London met with the dual aim of reviving friendships and setting up an Old Girls’ Association to continue the strong social relationships developed at school, support the affairs of the schools and to uphold our school motto: “Each for All and All for God”.

In 2007 the “Union of Old St. Monicans” was registered as a charity in UK (Charity No.1122118) with the primary aim of:
Promoting and improving the welfare of our schools, unite old students in the UK and Ireland; and to advance the same for public benefit in Ghana.

The Union believes that it is of paramount importance that we maintain and sustain the legacy of the Order of the Holy Paraclete.

The cluster of (7) schools include:

ThumbOver the years the Union has organised various fundraising activities which resulted in complex refurbishments, minor repairs and the provision of logistics for the schools. As old students, our deepest desire is to see the schools progressing and reaching the unimaginable heights in providing quality education to girls and young women in Ghana.

It is our desire to see that light of hope lit by the Anglican sisters 92 years ago continue to burn brighter to light the paths of many generations to come. May the efforts of the Union, together with those who believe in and support our cause help fulfil our school motto: Each for all and all for God.

“For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints”

Hebrews 6:10

Word of appreciation:

We appreciate and honour those, living and departed, who selflessly committed to building our schools/institutions and lovingly educated and nurtured us. May their lineage and descendants be blessed.

Bishop Aglionby, Mother Margaret – Foundress, Sr Dorothy, Sr Gertrude, Sr Lilian, Sr Barbara Maude, Sr Stella Mary, Mother Anne, Mother Marguerite, Sr Janet, Sr Alison, Sr Judith, Sr Francis Clare, Sr Dorothy-Stella, Sister Carole – Current Prioress, Sr Moira and all others